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"I aspire to share my passion with people, to inspire, motivate and empower them."

Ronit Raymond - Flamenco Dancer, Teacher and Choreographer


Ronit Raymond is an international flamenco dancer, teacher and choreographer. Ronit is highly experienced in teaching people of all ages and levels. She expresses her love for dance and people, through sharing her passion, inspiring and empowering them. Classes with Ronit combine rhythm, technique, choreography, self expression and creativity.

Ronit performs as a soloist and together with other artists, and has performed in a variety of prominent venues in Australia, Spain and Israel. She is currently based in Israel and performs at various events and theaters throughout Israel.

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“This is my first time in a flamenco class...I think that Ronit is a really great teacher, I had a lot of fun and I think I will be coming back.”


- Carmen Esther Isenmann (flamenco student)

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