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Ronit fell in love with flamenco at the age of six, and started to perform at the age of seven in Melbourne, Australia. She initially began studying flamenco with Conchita Gonzalez, and later with Laura Uhe in Melbourne. She also participated in workshops with guest artists from Spain. At the age of fifteen she began to teach flamenco. Ronit has performed in various private and corporate functions, events and festivals. Highlights include The National Gallery of Victoria – Picasso exhibition opening (featured in The Herald Sun Newspaper & MX Magazine), Australia wide ‘Myer’ advertisement for channel 9 (featured in The Age & Herald Sun newspapers), performance for international star Paco Peña (featured on the TV program ‘Today Tonight’), The Spanish Festival and The Latin Festival in Melbourne. In 2008, Ronit was invited as a guest choreographer in the opera ‘Carmen,’ at the Arena Theatre in Melbourne.

In 2010, Ronit left Australia in order to study flamenco intensively in Spain, under flamenco masters; Belen Fernandez, Maria Juncal, Inmaculada Ortega, Miguel Cañas, Alfonso Losa, Carmela Greco, Pepa Molina, La Tati and Vicky Barea. She received a teaching certificate from the renowned dance school in Madrid where she had studied, 'Amor de Dios.' Ronit also performed at the renowned ‘Fundacion Conservatorio Flamenco - Casa Patas’ in Madrid.

After pursuing her career in Spain, Ronit moved to Israel in 2012, where she is currently based, and established her own business ‘Ronit Raymond Flamenco.’ Ronit teaches flamenco to people of all ages and levels, and performs throughout Israel as a soloist and in two other companies; ‘Los Emigrantes’ and ‘Cinco5.’ Highlights include performances at The Suzanne Dellal Centre, The Felicja Blumental Music Centre and Shablul Jazz in Tel Aviv, The Khan Theatre and The international YMCA in Jerusalem, and The Hayalom Theatre in Ramat Gan. Ronit has also performed extensively in concert halls throughout Israel.

In addition to her love for flamenco, Ronit has an interest in percussion and design. She also performs as a percussionist, and has a BA in interior Design from Swinburne University in Australia.


מקור הפלמנקו

פלמנקו הוא צורת אומנות תשוקתית, קיצבית וחוייתית המפתחת תחושות חזקות בקרב אלו החיים אותה. מקור הפלמנקו הוא באיזור אנדולוסיה בדרום ספרד. שלושת האלמנטים הבסיסיים בפלמנקו – 'cante' שירה, 'toque' גיטרה ו-'baile' ריקוד. פלמנקו הוא שילוב תרבותי של צוענים, מורים, יהודים והודים וכיום ממשיך להתפתח ומושפע על ידי ז'אנרים שונים של ריקוד ומוזיקה.

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